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Travel Texas with us as we visit fun out of the way places and unique small towns.

How it All Began – James Avery Artisan Jewelry, Kerrville

When we began dating, my boyfriend was in Texas, and I was in Michigan. After a year of dating, I received a Christmas gift in a small orange jewelry box. Not recognizing the company’s name, I was hoping the boyfriend had some good jewelry picking judgment! I needn’t have worried: inside the box was a…

Unwind with 9 Relaxing Activities to do in Your Own Hometown.

If you need a reason to set aside some time for fun and relaxation, National Relaxation Day is August 15th.  Everyone can benefit from some more leisure this year! Relaxation for you may be splurging for a massage or pedicure or just a quiet night on the couch with Netflix as your date. I enjoy…


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