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  • Why Even Small Things in Your Life are of Big Importance to God

    Have you wondered if God really cares about the small things in your life? The truth is – God does care about every detail in your life, even if you feel they would be insignificant to Him. The Missing Quarter In 1999, a large, folding collector board became popular when it was announced that newly…

  • Why You Should Consider “The Bible Study Bible” by Thomas Nelson

    There are countless study Bibles available in many different translations. The New International Version (NIV) seems to be one of the most popular, with all types of study Bibles for various audiences. However, Thomas Nelson recently released a new study Bible for those who prefer to use the New King James Version (NKJV). And it’s…

  • 6 Areas of Hidden Clutter We All Have in Our Home

    This post is Part 5 of the “No Buy July” Challenge Series. In my series on No Buy July, I hope to have encouraged you to use up what is already in your pantry and freezer and refrain from unnecessary shopping. I have also shared how to save money by shopping at home and 4…

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