Why Even Small Things in Your Life are of Big Importance to God

Have you wondered if God really cares about the small things in your life? The truth is – God does care about every detail in your life, even if you feel they would be insignificant to Him.

The Missing Quarter

In 1999, a large, folding collector board became popular when it was announced that newly designed quarters recognizing each U.S. state would be released. The back of the quarters would have individual designs commemorating each state, and the quarters would be released over eight years in order of their admission into the Union.

It has been 15 years since the last quarter was issued for Hawaii, a U.S. territory admitted into statehood on August 21, 1959.

My husband’s cousin, Amy, has this collection board. Since 2008, she has been hunting for one last quarter to complete her collection: Hawaii. Still unable to find the elusive quarter, Amy used Facebook to ask if friends could help her locate the coin. With so many special edition quarters still being released, finding a Hawaii quarter would be hard.

Yet, shortly after her Facebook post, someone found for her the missing quarter. It wouldn’t be a shiny new release as it would have been back in 2008, but it was the one that made Amy’s collection complete.

Amy’s collector board, now complete with the Hawaii quarter.

Her husband asked her, “Is this worth anything?” No, the quarter was still valued at 25 cents, and the worth of the entire board of 50 quarters was only $12.50. But to Amy, the completed collection was valuable to her. She had joy and a feeling of accomplishment by finishing the project.

We desire many things but don’t ask God for them because we think they are too small or insignificant. Yet observe small children with wishes who aren’t afraid to ask their earthly daddies to fulfill their desires. Since the wish is important to them, they are confident their daddy will find it meaningful too. Why? Because the child is secure in their father’s love for them.

And oh – how God loves you! And because He created you in His image, He knows you better than anyone else. God knows your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. He also knows all your desires – even those that may seem only important to you.

Yes, because God loves you so, He cares about all the small things in your life. And because they matter to you, they matter to Him. Jesus shared with his disciples two simple illustrations about birds to explain our importance to God:

If God notices even a tiny bird falling to the ground, what makes you think He won’t be interested in the small things in your life? Those little things in your life are significant to God because His desire is for you to know that He is always with you and for you, no matter how big or small the things in your life are.

Share Even the Small Things with God

Share all your desires with God, even the ones you may think are insignificant or inconsequential, because even those things are part of His plan for you! He wants you to see his hand and heart in every detail of your life. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence in God’s sovereign will. Everything has a purpose, even that which you think is random or trivial. God can use the small things in your life to teach you, grow you, bless you, and glorify Himself. And those small things can be used to prepare you for the big things He has in store for you!

So remember, no request is too small for our big God. He is our good Father, who is waiting for us to go to Him, like little children, with our requests and desires. And if you already trust Him with the big things in your life, you can certainly trust him with little things!

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