Do a “No Buy July” and Put Money in Your Bank Account

Is it possible that it is already July, and we are halfway through 2023?

With temperatures in the high 90s in Central Texas (with “real feel” temperatures in the 100s!), more indoor activities with air conditioning are necessary during a Texas summer.

There are three projects that I look forward to completing every July. One is the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), with a tremendously encouraging blogger community. Second is Camp NaNoWriMo, another month-long writing challenge that coincides nicely with UBC. Camp NaNoWriMo’s focus is to inspire you to set new goals toward accomplishing more in your writing, whether reaching a specific word count, time, or editing goal. NaNoWriMo offers a supportive community plus many other helpful resources.

Lastly is the challenge I completed last year with positive results: No Buy July.

What is the “No Buy July” Challenge?

No Buy July is just that – a challenge not to buy anything unnecessary for one month, using up and making do with what you already have.

Inflation still affects many people in our country, from job layoffs to rising prices in grocery stores. Disposable income and creating savings are nonexistent for many. July is an optimal time to do a “reset” with your spending habits and put those July savings away for a rainy day.  

Last July, I successfully saved over $500!

Click here to learn more about “No Buy July” from
the Clutter Free Academy podcast with Kathi Lipp.

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How does the “No Buy July” Challenge work?

During World War 1, when much of the country’s resources were directed to the war effort, Americans were encouraged to:

  • Use it up
  • Wear it out
  • Make do
  • Do without

Here is how I use three of these principles as part of the No Buy July Challenge:

Use It Up – Reassess Your Kitchen Pantry and Freezer

Do you know what is currently in your pantry and freezer, waiting to be used? Take 15 minutes to quickly list what you find in your freezer. Immediately throw away those things that are past their use. (Check this Cold Food Storage Chart to determine what stays and what goes.)

TIP: Try the My Fridge Food website or their app to keep a digital list of what you have. Next, do the same with your pantry. Toss expired food and specialty items that will probably never get used.

Knowing what you have can make meal prep easier, plus provide grocery store savings this month. Websites such as (or their app) will help you with zero-waste recipes.

Make Do – Refrain from Unnecessary Shopping

With Amazon and other shopping apps, it has become incredibly convenient to make immediate purchases without taking much thought.

TIP: Delete store and shopping apps from your phone that causes the most recreational spending. After the month, add back only those that are necessary.

Taking more time to evaluate your shopping habits will help you realize what you already have that you can use instead.  

Do Without – Limit Eating Out

With busy schedules and families, this can be tough to eliminate. Dining out, once seen as a treat long ago, has become a standard convenience today. However, if you are shopping from your pantry and freezer to cook at home, this can eliminate many stops at the drive-thru.

The goal of this challenge is to use up what we already have without adding more, track spending, reassess needs and discover problems causing budget leakage.   

Participate in the No Buy July Challenge!

Join me this month in the No Buy July Challenge!

  1. Visit here every Monday for my “no-buy” focus for the week, including tips to help you during the challenge.
  2. Follow me on Instagram for updates and tips this month!
  3. Share in the comments how you would use the “use it up, wear it out, make do and do without” principle.

10 responses to “Do a “No Buy July” and Put Money in Your Bank Account”

  1. What a busy month for you!
    I’m only doing UBC and “A Picture A Day” Challenge.
    I’m intrigued by No Buy July, I’ve been doing efforts to declutter. Also, since the pandemic, going to the mall has pretty much lost its appeal. I have never purchased as few things as the past year or two.

  2. Angie, what a great idea! I have often done this for a few weeks at a time, but I never thought of making it a calendar month. I also have “No New Projects Year” from time to time, during which I finish that cross stitch project and gift it to someone, take 18″ off a long summer skirt, either apply that antique lace collar or give it away, and use or give away my fabric museum collection. You are a great writer.

  3. I admire your focus and enthusiasm. I am definitely going to go through my two freezers to see what the heck is in there and make a plan for those items. But, I’m not sure I can pull off a full-on no-buy July. However, I am doing a no-BOOK-buy July, so maybe that’s where I’ll start. Thanks for sharing!

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