Still on the Shelf About Audiobooks? 6 Reasons Why You Need to Get Started

June is Audiobooks Appreciation Month

As an avid reader, when I begin reading an author or genre I like, I stick with it for a while. Unfortunately, this tends to slow down my reading life as I wait for new books to be released by beloved authors. In the last four years, I have learned three ways to get out of my comfort zone to have a more eclectic reading list:

  1. Listen to book podcasts (my favorite is What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel)
  2. Attend a neighborhood book club
  3. Read using audiobooks.

The book club I attended was a real book club – not just wine and conversation in the guise of a book club! We read and discussed some great books. The leader had a rotating schedule of what book genre would be read each month. For instance, every September was the “over 500 pages” month. That was when I read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, a phenomenal book I wouldn’t have known about or read.

Interestingly, many women in my new book club regularly listen to the audiobooks of our monthly selection. Their reason was that it was easier to finish the book when listening in the car or while doing other tasks. Audiobooks hadn’t been successful for me in the past. Still, I was encouraged by fellow book club attendees when they remarked how they were able to read faster and read more books. More books? That was the teaser to get me started again.

Click here to learn the 3 reasons why we fail with audiobooks.

Today, I have found a happy medium between reading physical books and supplementing with audiobooks. I’ve found many good free titles on YouTube or the library Libby appIf there is a title that I can’t obtain there, I will check Audible.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Incorporate Audiobooks in Your Life

Still think you will stay a do-or-die physical book reader? There are excellent benefits to listening to audiobooks as an adult that may convince you to try.

Relive the magic of story time.

Remember when we were read to as a kid? Audiobooks can provide the same sensory reading experience and a more thrilling narrative. This is another reason a good narrator is essential. On her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, Anne Bogel has many posts about audiobooks and narrators if you need narrator direction for your next audio read. 

Take a break from screens.

We live in a world where we are consistently overstimulated by screens: phones, tablets, and computers. Listening to audiobooks forces us to use our auditory senses and lets our eyes rest.   

Relieve stress.

An audiobook can help you unwind as you concentrate on the narrator and let your mind live in another world. A lighthearted, inspirational, or humorous book can be a mood booster. A favorite classic may relax you and get you ready for sleep.    

Get help with anxiety.

Using your auditory senses by someone reading to you can help to stop the negative, invasive thoughts by concentrating on another voice. This has helped me tremendously. And just like reading a physical book, it helps to boost mood.  

Finish tasks you dread.

When faced with a chore that must be done, an audiobook can take your mind off the dread as you work. It can make the time go faster when doing yard work or motivate you to exercise a little longer until you finish a chapter.

Feel smarter.

Even as adults, audiobooks can improve critical thinking and other skills like fluency, comprehension, language acquisition, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more. All of this science will help improve reading skills. (

Ready to give it a try? If you haven’t tried audiobooks before, start small. Choose an audio version of a book you have already read, a short story by a favorite author, or simply a title that is 5-6 hours long. As you train your brain to enjoy another style of reading, longer audiobooks will find their way onto your reading list.

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