Create These 5 Habits to Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Life

Many of us feel as though we are constantly wading through mud and muck just to get through each day. 

Do you also feel like you are in a muddy mess and unable to move forward in life? Or trying to find ways to splash through? 


Create Positive Habits that Will Help You Get Unstuck

Be kind. 

T-shirts and memes everywhere remind us that “if you can’t be kind, be quiet.” Growing up, we were often told to be kind to others, (and to use please and thank you) and it is still excellent advice.

We know we must be kind, yet our world has become much more divisive. This conflict is because many force their opinions, divert discussion, and do things their way anyway. That is not kindness.

What is kindness? It is choosing to agree to disagree and doing things to improve lives. That means thinking of others first many times before ourselves. Why not look for ways to pay it forward by doing a random act of kindness this week (and every week)!

Make a difference. 

Kindness is doing things to improve lives and another way to pay it forward is by volunteering in your community.

My blogging friend Martha and her great-granddaughter Lia are an incredible team, making a difference in their community and for a bigger cause. Lia, just 4 years old, recently hosted her annual fundraising bake sale for the Alzheimer’s Association. Lia’s Sunshine Bakery offered homemade treats (even for pups!) she made herself to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

Is there a cause that you believe in? Do research to discover how you can do your own fundraiser or how to collect needed items that will help someone in your neighborhood or community. Many charities are looking for help with various positions and activities to continue working to help others in need. There are even ways you can volunteer virtually from home.

Be positive.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about how we should not dwell on negativity but count our blessings! Counting your blessings is just one way to instill positive thinking into your life. Positiveness has many benefits including better physical and mental health and resiliency.  

Many of us plow through our days, working on a to-do list, and fall into bed exhausted and wanting many times for a do-over. Before falling asleep, examine your day and focus on those things you can be grateful for. Maybe the dishwasher is doing the dishes for you, or the dog didn’t get into the trash today. Having gratefulness before sleep can set a better frame of mind for the morning.

Negativity not only keeps us in low places, but it is habit-forming – and catching! Let’s not spread the virus of negativity to others. Look for something positive every day, even if you must look harder some days more than others. And smile. Often.

Learn to manage stress. 

There is good stress – that surge of adrenaline when the pulse quickens, hormones surge, and there is a boost of energy. However, it is the chronic stress we need to pay attention to and learn stress management strategies.

Focus on your health, use self-care, and choose activities to help relieve the brain drain that often comes with stress and burnout.  

April is Stress Awareness Month, and websites such as and the American Heart Association have excellent information for identifying and managing stress.

Look forward to growth. 

“Grow through what you go through.” If we aren’t learning from our mistakes and circumstances, we aren’t learning and growing. Look at the struggles and challenges you have gone through recently. How can you reframe that to fashion something good for you or others?  For some, a job loss has been the opportunity to learn or create something they have wanted to do but didn’t have time for. Or maybe your side hustle can become your main hustle!

One way to focus on growth is to learn how to create goals with realistic strategies and step by step actions toward success.

Which of these 5 Habits can you start today?
Share in the comments what you do to get “unstuck.”

5 responses to “Create These 5 Habits to Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Life”

  1. Angie, you are a great writer. The 5 habits you have chosen to highlight are all really important. You may realize that I am a stress management expert, so I especially appreciate you mentioning stress and sketching its importance, with sources. All my pieces this month have been about managing stress in one aspect or another. So important!

  2. Wonderful habits to have especially being kind and positive. What a surprise to read about Lia and I making a difference, starting Lia out early in life I think she will always be positive and want to help others. Thanks for the plug! Hugs and love from Lia and me

  3. HI Angie, thank you for sharing your post. I didn’t realize it was stress awareness month. I have had a few bad months (including the passing on my mom) and been pretty stressed out about of lot of things I couldn’t control. I will have to check out some of the links you posted. Thanks again for the info.

  4. I have a friend who counsels people with imposter syndrome. Her advice for negative thoughts is to have a replacement thought ready for when the negative thoughts come to mind. I don’t have imposter syndrome, but I found that her advice works for all sorts of negative thoughts.

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