Where to find Free and Bargain Christian eBooks

This article was originally published on my homeschool blog, Muses of a Mom, in July 2022. It has been republished here with much new and updated information.

If you were to see the abundance of books on my bookshelves, you could see my love for reading. (I do my best to sort through and donate some books to the public library once a year.) But what you wouldn’t see is my overflowing digital bookshelves!

Even with the hundreds of eBooks I own, I continue to look for good deals on titles on my TBR list (to-be-read). Luckily, several websites are offering deeply discounted eBooks – even Christian titles. Some offer Free eBooks with no strings attached.

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free and bargain eBooks and audiobooks

There are fewer choices for free eBooks than in the past, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find any good ones. These websites should make it easier to find free and big bargain eBooks. You’ll find newer titles, classics, or self-published eBooks.

Free Christian eBooks

To add more Christian titles to your Kindle eBook library, visit Amazon’s 100 Free Best Sellers for Kindle in Christian books

Have a Nook? They offer the same service with a list of free eBooks in the Religion section on this Barnes & Noble e-book page.

Besides Amazon and Barnes & Noble, other helpful websites share free and bargain Christian eBook titles they discover. When you visit, sign up for their alerts if you want to be contacted with new offers. Some will let you put in your category preferences, so emails only give you offers that match your interests.


This is one of the best places for purchasing Christian books. It was a favorite when I needed to buy a homeschool curriculum. They have a page strictly with free eBooks that include fiction and Children’s titles.

Book Bub

Book Bub offers a few limited-time Free Christian titles, plus bargains in Christian Fiction and Christian Nonfiction. Many are $2.99 and less. You can sign up to get their newsletter, so you are up-to-date on all new offers.

David C Cook Publishers

After signing up, you’ll get periodic emails whenever a free or bargain eBook is offered. Offers are just one click away from downloading through your favorite bookseller.


If you write reviews and blog about books, NetGalley offers new Christian books to read. The more social media influence and reach you have, the more opportunities to access new book previews to review. If you don’t qualify to read the book before its release, there is often the opportunity to download an advance reader’s copy to read and review after the book’s publication.  Read “NetGalley for Members” to know what’s required.

Bargain and Self-Published Christian eBooks

Some websites allow authors to market their books by getting them added to their listings. The following websites offer mainstream authors but many new (self-published) authors. You may be one of the first readers of a future best-selling title!

Gospel eBooks

Strictly offering Christian eBooks, deals are updated daily. There are sometimes free titles; many other offers are usually $4.99 and under.

Faithful Reads

Faithful Reads is another site with a daily offering of the latest Christian eBooks that are free or at bargain prices. There are some well-known authors whose books are offered, many by authors that may not be known to most Christian readers. They have an offering on their site for authors to promote their digital books, so many of the offered titles could be from those authors who use this site to self-publish.

Early Bird Books

Like BookBub, this site lists books of all genres and has a selection of Christian Nonfiction. Once you make a free account, you have access to all offers. You can also select the retailer you prefer, so downloading from Amazon is not required.

Classics and Nonfiction Christian eBooks

These sites do not have modern titles, but are for those readers who want to do deep Bible study, read classics, dive into Church History, and more.

Global Christians

If you want books to supplement your Bible study, try Global Christians’ list of nearly 100 short eBooks studies in PDF and other formats for free. Global Christian is part of Cybermissions, “an online Bible-teaching ministry to the nations.”

The Geeky Christian

This is the website of Dr. Shawn Nelson, who calls himself the Geeky Christian. He has a background in Biblical studies and apologetics, and his website is a resource for those who are curious about all things Bible and the Christian faith.

He has a list of over 200 free books that include his own titles; however, there are other books on apologetics, creationism, philosophy, leadership, and more. There are other resources on his site, including a catalog of his YouTube teaching videos.

Bibles Net

Biblesnet.com offers several free full-length book titles in PDF format to read online via your computer or tablet. Many classics are available from well-known names such as Charles H. Spurgeon, Watchman Nee, D. L. Moody, and others.

Biblesnet.com is a sister site to questionsGod.com that answers questions about God, Spiritual Growth, Bible reading, and so much more.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a search engine for PDF files, which includes eBooks. There are no ads and no download limits. They only ask that you “share the love.”

This site offers more secular books in many genres, but they do have Christian titles. On the search page for Christianity, you’ll find tomes on Christian History but also classics like Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.


If you want to read real classics,  this site offers a free comprehensive online theological library of Reformed Christian resources. Books by Augustine, John Bunyan, John Calvin, Martin Luther, and Charles Spurgeon are just a few of those listed.

What to remember:

Follow any of these booksellers on Twitter to be alerted when eBook deals are available.

Most promoted eBook deals are only accessible forthat specific day; be sure there is a $0.00 price in your cart before checkout.

At the time of posting, none of these sites (other than Amazon’s) do not require a subscription or fee to download books. However, some websites state that they are Amazon Affiliates, so any purchases will create a commission for that site.

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