6 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Pay it Forward in Your Community (plus Free Printable!)

A few years ago, before my neighborhood got as large as it is now, there was a Someone.

This Someone used their artistic talents to paint smooth river rocks with lovely, colorful designs. And this Someone would leave their art pieces in random places throughout the neighborhood for residents to discover. Sometimes one would be found in the park, in a person’s rock garden, or even on someone’s front step.  

When one of these treasures was unearthed, the finder would announce it in our neighborhood’s Facebook group with a photo, so everyone could ooh and aah over this creative act of kindness.

This Someone is unknown to this day. Artistic, random, and anonymous, they found a unique way to spread joy and kindness.  

Many find happiness in life by doing small acts of kindness, such as our neighborhood Rock Artist. There is a great need for more kindness, compassion, and caring in this chaotic, divisive world. Even one act of kindness toward someone, even a stranger, can make a difference. You never know what your thoughtfulness will mean to someone – and how it may help them get through something you don’t know anything about.

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 12-18, 2023, is Random Acts of Kindness week. Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17, 2023.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation asks: “Can you imagine a world where kindness is the norm? That’s the world we want . . . and it requires some intentional actions.” (Visit their website for a downloadable poster and participation guide to use in your group, classroom, or family.)

When raising my sons, I wanted acts of kindness to be a part of who they were. To do that, I had to model it for them. I always made it a point to smile at people and thank them for their help or service, especially when my boys were with me. If I needed to, I would remind them to say thank you and why someone should be thanked and appreciated. It is now a regular habit for both as adults. As someone who worked in retail for years, I can tell you that people in the service industry are often forgotten. We can take their time and service for granted when it is so easy to smile and thank them (and tip them where necessary!).  

We shouldn’t need a specific week as a reminder to be kind. However, for this coming week (especially with Valentine’s Day), let’s make it extra fun and memorable. Instead of focusing on ourselves, let’s find creative ways to bless others over and above these next few days!


Kindness Ideas

There are many ways to do Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs), and I listed a few below to get creative juices flowing.

Write Kindness:

  • Write a thank you note to that friend who is always there for you.
  • Slip a love note in your spouse’s work bag to discover later.
  • Send a note of encouragement in your child’s lunch or backpack. Remind them how proud you are of them.
  • Text a friend you haven’t connected with in a while. Make a date for coffee.

Pay it forward:

  • Pay for the coffee order behind you in the drive-thru or give the cashier a bill to put toward the next order.  
  • Tell a teacher how much they are appreciated with a gift card to their favorite coffee house. Since it is not the holidays or Teacher Appreciation week, it will be even more appreciated!
  • Take snacks to your local fire or police station. From experience, I can tell you they like nothing better!
  • Have some things you need to part with? Share them in your neighborhood Facebook group and arrange pick-up.
  • Grab some friends and pack paper sack lunches and drop them off with a bottle of water for the homeless people in your city. Good ideas for lunches include peanut butter sandwiches, packages of cheese crackers, a piece of fruit, and even a Little Debbie’s dessert.
  • During your next grocery shopping trip, pick up some extra canned goods and drop them off at your local food pantry.

My Favorite RAK

One fun idea I now do is from a Facebook friend. If you plan to fly soon, make up some goodie bags to give to the flight attendants. I did these for my last couple of trips, and they were a hit. Using small party cellophane treat bags, I added a mini KIND bar, Werthers sugar-free candies, and a mini bottle of hand sanitizer. As a card maker, I made “airline-specific” cards to add to the bag.

Can you guess the airline I flew?

Depending on your budget, you can get even more creative. My friend made her bags with small size, Larabars plus individual packets of things such as Emergen-C, Shout towelettes, and eye masks. Sometimes she will add a $5 Starbucks card, lip balm, or mini hand lotions.

Don’t forget to download my FREE RAK PRINTABLE, with many different RAKS for your family or your community.

Click on the image to go to the download!

What is your favorite RAK? Share them in the comments!

Disclosure: Unless otherwise stated, any organizations mentioned in my posts are for the reader’s consideration and does not mean that I fully endorse that organization.

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