Why Sending Greeting Cards is Still Important

Our world is changing faster each year, which shows in how we send heartfelt greetings.

There are many created holidays and observances – traditional to the weird. But this day is one of my favorites: National Send a Card to a Friend Day, annually on February 7.

I’ve mentioned my love for cardmaking, so this is a day where I will participate!  

In a world that has gone digital, there can be nothing more heartfelt than receiving a card from a friend or loved one. While Facebook birthday greetings are lovely, in my opinion, receiving a birthday card in the mail always brings delight.

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It isn’t on record who created this holiday, but the beginnings of greeting cards seem to have started in the mid-1800s. The world’s first commercially produced Christmas card was in 1843, and the first commercially printed Valentine’s Day card was in 1913 by Hallmark (who began operation in 1910). Talk that card companies created some holidays may have some truth — Hallmark made all their money from printing and selling Valentine’s Day cards (and Christmas cards) by 1915.

Around 1995, technology began taking over the greeting card market by introducing e-cards sent by email. Now, the number of paper greeting cards sold is declining, and the e-card business is growing for business and personal use.

While I couldn’t find current stats, Boomers still send the most traditional cards. However, Millennials and Gen-Z buy are buying more cards but send them for more different occasions.

Other than Valentine’s Day, I imagine that women are the ones who purchase most greeting cards — and the ones in charge of buying birthday cards for the family. But women also value friendships. This holiday is an occasion to send the friends we love and appreciate a card and message by snail mail. The recipient will enjoy the card and appreciate the time it took to purchase, write a message, find a stamp, and mail the card.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold
in settings of silver.  

Proverbs 25:11

Technology will still be the primary mode of communication, but don’t forget to take time to affirm your relationships with traditional, or not so traditional, cards.

Consider sending a card today as a text – in the old-fashioned way.

Having a tough time finding the right words to say? Try these websites I found for some ideas:  

Some charities are looking for people who want to write cards of kindness for others. Find out how in my post: How Your Passion for Crafts can Support Charities.

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