How Your Writing Can Be the Cure for Yourself

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As content creators and bloggers, we share what we know, research what we want to know, and write about what we have learned.

I have worked hard for the last three years to provide good content. My original blog, Muses of a Mom, documented our homeschooling days and shared resources I created to benefit others. As time went on, I started adding other content that may be helpful to readers.  

Beginning this year, I started a new writing path, resulting in this new blog. Muses of a Mom will still exist – it has gone back to a blog for parents homeschooling their teens. All content that didn’t fall under that umbrella has been transferred to this new spot on the internet.

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While organizing this content, I saw a pattern emerge from my writing these last three years – it may have been unintentional, but maybe not. Writers will write what they know and what they want to share with others. However, what has been shared may be for no one but the writer herself.

This past weekend, when working on a new post, I reviewed previous content for similar posts to link. It was then I saw the pattern:


I was surprised to see how much I have written about self-care. After rereading those posts, I realized I was “preaching to the choir.” These posts are now a gift to me. It may be helpful to others who read them, but they will also be needful to me.

For women, self-care is essential for living a healthy, productive life. Regardless of life stage, working at home or away, with or without children, women tend to take on the role of caregivers. I believe this is born in us. We want to “take care of” things wherever we are. We tend to feel things more and like to see others taken care of. This isn’t a bad thing, nor is it a weakness. It is something women offer that the world needs.

But the world also can overwork us. Make us feel unappreciated. And we can get burned out. Taking time out to care for ourselves is not selfish if it is required for physical, emotional, and mental health.

Check out the articles below if you feel it’s time to re-evaluate how you care for yourself. Or save this post and come back. (You are always welcome!) If you find something particularly helpful, please share. You can always contact me by social media if you need a listening year.

We are already a month into the new year. Let’s establish good self-care habits to make this year a healthier one.

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  1. Even though I didn’t have a homeschooler I always enjoyed your Muses of a Mom blog. Now you’ve got me hooked on the self care from this blog. Congratulations on another UBC and I’ll be checking your blogs out throughout the time and hope to see you next UBC.

  2. I can’t wait to check out the post above but more than that I want to check out the other site as I am Homeschooling my teen son and can use all the help we can get. Have a good month and hope to see you in April for the #UBC.

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