10 Ways to Inspire Your Heart with Art

Art is valued and appreciated for many varied reasons. Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, observed on January 31 each year, is a time to celebrate all art forms – and their effect on the heart.

Art allows a person express individual imagination and creativity. It is incredible how artists reveal their creativity: what they see in their minds and feel in their hearts.

Courtesy of Andrea Geo from Unsplash

Art can push and stretch the mind but also evoke powerful feelings. For instance, many paintings make a political statement or bridge a gap over a cultural barrier. Others capture a beautiful scene that can forever be appreciated. Art can play a significant role in some types of therapies and in raising awareness.

Enjoying art isn’t only the physical, visual form, such as paintings, drawings, and sculpture. It can be an experience: cinema, literature, dance, and theater.

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It can be easy to forego art appreciation in our everyday lives. Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a perfect excuse to take time for art appreciation or exercise personal creativity for self-care. It isn’t difficult. Here are 10 ways to be inspired by art, and you can do one today and another this weekend:

Courtesy of Jene Stephaniuk from Unsplash

10 Ways to Be Inspired by Art:

  • Visit an art museum (in person or online)
  • Pick up a good book.
  • Revive a long-forgotten musical talent.
  • Attend an art lecture or book talk.
  • Explore landscape photography by learning a new technique on your smartphone.
  • Watch a classic film.
  • Purchase artwork for your home from a local artist at an art show or market.
  • Attend a local theatre performance or a touring Broadway musical.
  • Schedule an afternoon to dig into a neglected craft.
  • Share your art with others.

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There are many genres, but literature is regarded by
many as the highest form of art. Do you agree?
Share the type of art that inspires you in the comments!

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5 responses to “10 Ways to Inspire Your Heart with Art”

  1. Given my love for books, I am tempted to agree with the statement that literature is the highest form of art.. But I am also trying to be fair to all the art forms I love 🙂 and dance, music, drawing/painting, other crafts, all give me immense joy..
    I wrote about art books as well for the 30th to celebrate this day!

  2. I haven’t heard of this day but love it. Lia is home sick today so many this will be a good day for her and I to do a quiet craft.

  3. I love art, and I didn’t realize tomorrow is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!!! I’ll have to plan something special that you suggested. We must have been on the same wavelength because I wrote about how high to hang artwork!!! Have a great day.

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