Planning a Word of the Year – with FREE eBook!

On a HopeWriters Zoom call this week, the moderator began the call with a question: “Have you picked a word for the year? If so, put it in the comments!” With over 100 other writers on the call, a long list of words began scrolling in the chat. Many words were characteristics, such as:


But there were many practical ones too:


I did not add my word because I’m still working on it. I tend to take my time choosing a word for the year because if I decide on a year-long action plan, I want something adaptable to my everyday life.

One word continues to trend as a replacement for new year’s resolutions. That’s not a bad thing. Resolutions are often ambitious yet fail (or are forgotten) within a couple of months.

A Word of the Year is like having a one-word mission statement or year-long theme. It can provide meaningful direction and a sharper focus on desired life changes and personal growth. It is a word with a commitment – you can translate it into all you do throughout the coming year. A Word of the Year aligns with your current life purpose.

Many books or exercises online can assist you in selecting a Word of the Year. All of them are helpful.

If you are a Christian, choosing a word can be a deeper experience. That is because we desire godly direction for our goals and personal changes.

Free eBook!

If you would like to try a new exercise for choosing a Word of the Year, I have written an eBook:

It is FREE – January only – when you subscribe!

To get the eBook:

You must enter your first name and email in the pop-up window here on my website. When you subscribe, the link to access and download your PDF copy appears in the next window. (If you miss the pop-up, go to in the new window.)

This eBook contains complete instructions for choosing your Word of the Year, with additional exercises for creating an action plan and other ideas to help you focus on your word throughout 2023.

If you want to see my past words, click on the following links, or search for “Word of the Year,”

2022 – Remember

2021 – Gentleness

2020 – Rebuild

2019 – Dwell

9 responses to “Planning a Word of the Year – with FREE eBook!”

  1. I also pick a word of the year and ask my son and husband to as well. For me this year I picked growth which I want to do not only in my personal life. but Homeschooling my son and also in my work. I wish you the best in picking out your word. Thank you for the Ebook. I look forward to following your post through the #UBC. Have a nice day.

    • That is a great word! I homeschooled for many years and still add content to my homeschool site Maybe some things will help you out. 😊

  2. I’ve probably been choosing a word of the year about the same number of years you have. This year, my word is BALANCE. Yesterday, I read a post from a coach friend who also suggested choosing an anti-word – the word you want to eliminate from your habitual thoughts/vocabulary. I see value in that exercise, too – although I’m not yet sure which word I will work to get rid of this year.

  3. I have been able to keep the last resolution that I made.
    I resolved to not make any more resolutions.
    As for a word for the year, I usually forget them as quickly as i used to forget my resolutions.
    Maybe I will stick with one I have been using for a dozen years, @2BACCOUNTABLE.

  4. Thanks for the post. I’ve been choosing a word for the year for a few years now. It does help me to focus – sometimes, now and again. It is something I have to work at, come back to, again and again.

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