Curb Inflation With These 7 Money Makers You Can Do Today

It’s no secret that the current inflation situation is hitting many Americans right in the wallet. High gasoline prices and rising prices at the grocery store are disheartening. To help combat inflation, many are creating side hustles or getting a second job to pay bills or have discretionary cash.

There are spending measures that we can control when it comes to groceries, gasoline, shopping, and entertainment that can help stop inflation from sucking up more of our money. 

Here are 7 easy steps to curb inflation that you can use today:  

Suspend streaming services

Remember when we were “cutting the cord” on expensive cable and landline phone services to TV streaming services? Now there are many TV streaming services we are using for our choice of viewing entertainment. However, it may be time to add up to see how much you are actually paying per month. We can forget what is being deducted from our bank account with auto-pay.

Now that it is summer, you and your family may not be home as much as before to watch TV. Consider pausing or canceling some of the services for the duration of the summer. The benefit of streaming services is there are no cancellation or hookup fees, so restarting a service is easy; just keep your account. If you are an Amazon Prime member, check your account to see if you have added any additional channels you can cancel until later. One of the services I’ve used is Frndly, the only app to find the Hallmark channels. Since I tend to watch Hallmark later in the year for their holiday movies, I have canceled my service and will resubscribe in November.  

Start using the library again

Now that we are post-pandemic, restart your trips to the library instead of purchasing books on Amazon or subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. If you aren’t yet using the Overdrive digital library, get with your local library representative to find out how to sign up. Using the Libby app, you can check out books and audiobooks for free and read in the app or with Kindle. 

Look for the best gas prices with phone apps

It has been discouraging watching the gas prices continue to rise. Now is the time to strategically find the best price per gallon. Try an app like GasBuddy to locate the nearest gas station and those with the best prices. 

Exchange a vacation for a staycation

With high gas prices, this may be the summer to once again become a tourist – in your hometown.   Why not consider a “staycation?” Do some research to see what’s going on in your city. Take some time to visit the local museums and attractions, or spend a weekday night in a local Airbnb for a quick, romantic getaway.

Apps like Groupon or Rakuten have discounts for your local restaurants, attractions, places to get pampered, and places to stay. You may discover something new you had no idea existed!

Join Rakuten right now and use my referral code to join. 
Spend $30, then cha-ching – you get $30 back!

Sell back old tech you are no longer using

Have you recently upgraded your phone or other tech? Don’t let it sit around when you can make some extra cash! I have used BuyBackWorld,a service to sell used technology hassle-free. They accept Apple products, cell phones, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles – even gift cards! You can use the search box at the website to get an instant quote or look for your item in the posted categories. There is also free shipping for sending in your items. 

Another service I’ve used is Decluttr. Besides tech, they buy back gaming consoles and games, books, DVDs, and CDs. The newer the items, the better the buy-back price offered. What I found helpful is that when you use Decluttr for the first time, you are emailed a “Welcome Pack” that includes: packing steps, a free shipping label, and an item list.Just follow the four steps they provide and you are on your way to some cash!  

Use gift cards or trade them in for cash

Get a gift card but never seem to get a chance to use it? Have a gift card for a place that isn’t necessarily your cup of tea? Try the app CardCash, where you can turn unused gift cards into cash. While the average cash-in value is around 92%, this is a viable option if you need extra money right now.

Scan receipts for grocery rebates and free gift cards

Use Grocery apps to earn cash rebates or gift cards on stuff you already buy. The two apps I use most are Fetch and Receipt Hog. Make your purchases, then scan your receipts into the app to earn points that can be turned into cash or gift cards. Fetch offers more points when you buy selected brands each week. For rebates on your favorite brands, use Ibotta, the best app for cash back from your local grocery store and many other online retailers.  

A disclaimer here – some links here are affiliate links, so if you decide to click through and sign-up, I will get a bonus, but so will you! Thank you! 

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