Revive the Memory of Forgotten Christmas Decor by Upcycling

When we moved into our home in 2009, we came from a small little three-bedroom home. With our two boys growing by the minute, we knew we needed to have more room, and soon!

Our new home was, in square feet, twice the size as the previous. It was so roomy when we moved in, and we had more rooms to furnish and decorate. When Christmas came, we wanted some new decor for the outside, now that our front door could be seen from the street.

I purchased a mini tree in a heavy vase base, with white lights. Just alone, it was a nice addition to the front door, along with a wreath. No other decor was needed, really.

This tree has graced our front door year after year. It was good quality, so it held up well. All that was needed was the adjusting of the crushed branches to make it nice to display again.

Two years ago, the lights finally went out. I added some twinkling white lights, but in the hurry of decorating, I didn’t take the old ones off. But it worked.

Last year the tree showed signs of wear. It just seemed too much work to take off the new lights and then untie and cut off the old lights. I decided to not display it.

This year, I decided to purchase a new tree for the front door, since it certainly needs something in that space once I moved the other plants away for the winter.

The prices. Ouch.

That’s when I decided to revive and upcycle this old tree into something new. After all, it has been a part of our home since 2009, so it just seemed wasteful to trash it. It was time for the little tree to have a holiday makeover!

Our front door tree: before the makeover. Poor tree. It looks like it has a hangover!

The longest process was to clip and cut off the original lights that did not work. But the time passed more quickly with some good true crime podcasts to listen to.

Next, the twinkle lights went back on.

Then, some new cinnamon-scented pinecones were added along with some gold, berry picks that were in my stash.

Finally, I used some Dollar Tree gingham ribbon to make small bows to attach in various places around the tree.

The pinecones, berry picks, and gingham bows.
The final tree! I love the smell of the pinecones when you are at the front door!

Now, this mini tree should last for a few more Christmases. It doesn’t seem like it would be Christmas anymore without it.

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  1. Angie, brilliant! Beautiful job! And the perfect way to keep that tree's love in and around your home. No, you did not go too far with this post. It's perfect!

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