Do These 5 Things for More Positivity and Get Unstuck for the Rest of 2020

Do you feel as though you are wading through mud and muck just to get through 2020?

*hand waving*


This photo is an example of what the year 2020 has been for many of us. Feeling “stuck” in the muddy mess of the COVID_19 virus, changes in the economy, politics, social unrest, and discord.

And oh yeah:  Schooling. From. Home.

What more can we take?

With October coming to a quick close, and only two more months left of this year, we can still create some good habits to help us get unstuck.

Be kind. 

T-shirts and memes everywhere remind us that “if you can’t be kind, be quiet.” We were told that at home and often in school while growing up.  It is excellent advice. Pushing opinions, yelling insults, unfriending people on your Facebook isn’t helpful. If you want to make change, “kill them with kindness” is what I say. And stay off Twitter.

Be observant and helpful. 

Just as in the early days of COVID when we easily reached out to help seniors with grocery runs and shared toilet paper with a neighbor, we should continually observe what is going on around us for opportunities to help and to serve. There is always a rush of aid at the beginning of a crisis, but it eventually wears off. That doesn’t mean the needs are no longer there. Let’s jump back in!

Be positive.

This can be hard when 2020 has brought many of us to low places but concentrating on the negative can not only be habit-forming but catching! We certainly don’t want to spread the virus of negativity to others. Look for something positive in every day, even if you have to look harder some days more than others. And smile. Often.

Be grateful. 

Many of us plow through our days, working on a to-do list, and fall into bed exhausted while wishing this year was just, well OVER. Don’t wish away the days. Before falling asleep, examine your day and focus on those things you can be grateful for. Or just one. Maybe it that the dishwasher is doing the dishes for you, or that the dog didn’t get into the trash today. Having gratefulness before sleep will set a good frame of mind for the morning.

Look forward to growth. 

“Grow through what you go through.” If we aren’t learning from our mistakes and circumstances, we aren’t learning and growing. What negatives, struggles, or deficiencies from this year can you reframe to fashion something good for you or for others?  For some, the loss of the job has been the opportunity to learn or create something they have wanted to do but didn’t have time. Or maybe your side-hustle can become your main hustle!

What are some things that have transpired this year, or what have you been grappling with during COVID that you could possibly turn around for the good?  Please share in the comments!

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  1. This is such good advice! I was furloughed in July, but have since found a new and better opportunity where I can use my skills and talents and feel valued and appreciated. I learned a lot about myself and what I want for the rest of my career – so yay for silver linings!

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