Use these 5 Real Money-Making Grocery Store Apps the Most Savings!

Updated July 7, 2022

With inflation wreaking havoc on wallets, we are looking for ways to extend our paychecks. Finding ways to save money is more important than ever.

One way to save is to watch spending in the grocery budget. There are five helpful money-making apps I can recommend for earning rebates and cash-back. These apps are easy to use, and it takes only a couple minutes to scan receipts and enjoy the returns.  

Many apps are available to help you save money at the grocery store. However, check their intended use before downloading. You may find they are merely search engines for finding grocery flyers from stores in your area or only coupons from hundreds of retailers and less for grocery stores. Although beneficial for finding the best prices, they don’t offer cash and rebates.

If you have one store that is your favorite, a specific shopping list of items you and your family use regularly and particular brands you love, then go right to these five real money-making grocery apps to save time. 

The 5 Best Grocery Store Apps

(A disclaimer here: there are referral codes and links in this post, so if you click to download and sign-up, I will get some bonus points, but so will you! Thank you!)

On to the list! 

Easiest App to Earn Cash: Receipt Hog

Easiest money making grocery app is Receipt Hog

By far, the easiest app on my phone in which to earn some extra cash!  Earn coins from your receipts from any store, big or small, that sells groceries, health items, beauty products, and more. Submit your own receipts and any of your household members. Redeem your coins for cash via PayPal, Visa Gift Card, or Amazon Gift Card.  

The total of your receipt tells you how many coins you earn. For instance, a receipt less than $10 earns five coins, but a receipt of more than $100 gets twenty coins. 

There are many other ways to earn points. Get spins on the Slot Machine to earn more coins with receipts from clothing stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, and more. Complete short consumer surveys for coins and scan receipts consistently every week for bonus coins.  

Link your Amazon account and email and Receipt Hog will automatically scan and upload your online purchases for points!

Best App for Earning Gift Cards: Fetch

After scanning on Receipt Hog, my next app is Fetch. Also super easy. For groceries, simply scan your receipt for 25 points per receipt. Earn more points on thousands of products and special offers available each week. Register your Amazon account and email address to get points for online purchases. While Fetch doesn’t give cash payouts, they offer gift cards from a long list of retailers. 

*** Download the app and use referral code H4MRT
to get 2000 points to get started! *** 

Overall Rebate Earning App: Ibotta

Ibotta works differently than the previously mentioned apps. First select products from their long list of items available at your favorite grocery stores. Buy the items and scan your receipt. Scanning the barcodes of purchased products is sometimes necessary, but Ibotta is getting smarter as time goes by to make it easier.  

There are other ways to increase that bonus check: Ibotta is a portal to many stores and online retailers. Select the store where you want, and click through the Ibotta app to the store’s website to get the additional savings. There is also an Ibotta browser extension for Chrome to earn on all your devices! 

***Download the app and use referral code wc4eeg
to get $10 after submitting your first receipt! ***

Cashback at Stores and Gas Stations: Checkout 51

Similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 adds new offers every week for gas, groceries and everyday items. Head to the store or gas station and buy what’s on offer. After shopping, take a photo of your receipt to earn cash! 

There is a modest list of online offers, including Sams Club, Home Depot, Petsmart, and even QVC.    Checkout 51 gives the option of adding loyalty cards to participating stores. Be sure to select your rebates before you shop. While not offering as many options as the first three, I use Checkout 51 because there are times when I can stack rebates: Checkout 51 may offer a rebate on the same item I will find on one of my other apps.  Adding the gas station savings is a big bonus with this app.  

Offering Cashback and Coupons:

The grocery app SavingsStar has merged with to offer more ways to save money. is the place to find several popular manufacturer coupons, but you can earn cash back with your receipts. Activate offers on their app that you can use at almost any store. Redeem by submitting receipts or use your store loyalty card at checkout. Cashback is paid to your PayPal account. The bonus with this app is that there is no minimum payout as with some other apps! still offers old-school printable coupons, but with the app, you can redeem the same manufacturer coupons with your favorite store’s loyalty card or by uploading a receipt. The difference is unlike a standard coupon, your bill will not change at check out; you will receive cash back after purchase through your PayPal account. 

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I will add another disclaimer here. What I earn is pretty modest, and it could be the average. However, based on your spending, the products you purchase, and the stores you visit, your savings will no doubt be more. 

From these money-making grocery store apps, you can make some money back to help the pinch on your wallet. After downloading any app, be sure you follow all directions in order to get your qualified savings.

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  1. I use all of them too! People would laugh and say it's not worth it until I show them how much money I'm making. Pennies here and there add up to dollars! Another one I use is Receipt Hog, sometimes they aren't open to new members but keep checking.

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