5 Netflix Shows You Must Watch this Fall

Can you believe it is October?  Or maybe it’s more like “Can you believe it’s October?”

While the temps don’t reveal fall in Texas for another month or so, you can tell it’s that time when you walk into a grocery store and along with being mugged with the fresh smell of cinnamon (from those awesome scented pinecones), you nearly run into a display with all things pumpkin, from cereal to coffee creamer.

Oh, and Halloween candy. Bags and bags of Halloween candy.

Even with the pandemic, Netflix has not disappointed and has released some new originals for the Fall along with new seasons of some favorite shows.  Here are some of my picks:

Highlight of the Week:  The Great British Baking Show

I nearly squealed out loud (okay, I actually DID squeal) when discovering the new season of The Great British Baking Show! The cast of characters is still there, with judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, and comedian Noel Fielding and newcomer Matt Lucas.

With a new episode posted each week, this season was filmed during the pandemic, and contestants were quarantined or “in a bubble” as they competed. Will this take away from the original premise of the show, when contestants only participated on the weekends? Some say so, but I don’t think so.

New Show to Binge: Get Organized with The Home Edit

Expert home organizers Clea and Joanna help celebrities and everyday clients edit, categorize, and contain their clutter to create stunning spaces. Your series hangover may include organizing all your bookcases by color.

By including celebrities on the show, and the great working relationship between Clea and Joanna, you can be sure that this show will be back for another season.

Returning with new Season: Criminal: United Kingdom

This series deals with suspected criminals and the stories that they tell to escape from alleged wrongdoing, which gives a different twist from shows who first have to find the suspect.

The Criminal franchise has chapters from other countries: France, Germany, and Spain (subtitles included). No new seasons from these franchises yet, but they are sure to follow if Criminal: United Kingdom.

Promising:  Ratched

From the creator of American Horror Story, this release is about Mildred Ratched, a nurse who begins working at a leading psychiatric hospital in 1947. But as we know, there is something creepy and dark beneath her stylish exterior. If binging season one gives you a hangover, don’t worry, season two is already planned. However, the wait may be longer because of COVID.

Simultaneously, Netflix released the classic 1975 movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Coming soon: The Crown

Season 4 is due to release November 15 and will add coverage of Diana and Charles. Watch the official trailer below.

To get caught up on all things The Crown, check out this page from Town and Country magazine.

Tell me in the comments below what you have been watching on Netflix recently!
What do you recommend? What’s your next pick?  

6 responses to “5 Netflix Shows You Must Watch this Fall”

  1. Thank you for sharing a list of shows for us to check out as I have been looking for something new to watch. We could use The Crown in our Homeschooling class.

  2. The “Get Organized” show looks interesting but books by color? I prefer by topic and author, like a library – but I know for image specialists the colors would work well. I am not much of a watcher, but I am curious and appreciate the suggestions!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! (I'm looking forward to the Crown, for sure!) We used to really enjoy the British Baking Show, but when we began a new way of eating (including no sugar or flour), watching that show became like torture. 😉 LOL Looking forward to reading more about your life as a mom! I'm a “graduated” homeschool mom, and now helping our son and daughter-in-love begin the journey of home education with our grandboy. Oh, it's even more fun the second time around… 🙂

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