Adopting a Rescued Dog: Getting Something You Don't Expect

We have a dog.

She’s a rescue.

Back in March 2014, we found her photo online at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services. We had been thinking about getting a German Shepherd, and her photo said she was a German Shepherd. Her puppy coloring looked as though she certainly was a German Shepherd.

It was by chance that my husband had a meeting in San Antonio the next day. Afterward, he made a stop to check out this sweet, little pup, only 8 weeks old. He was texting me photos, but I didn’t need much persuading. “GET HER,” I texted.

It was a spur of the moment thing. We weren’t prepared for getting a puppy that day. When my husband arrived from San Antonio late that evening, there was just enough time for him to return to Pet Smart to get the puppy basics including a cage.

We had been tempted a couple times before to get a puppy, but it just didn’t seem like the right time.

Now, we just knew this adorable fluff ball was supposed to be ours.

After a couple days we had a family meeting to pick a name for her. We made a list: Trixie? Roxie? Daisy? Zoey?


dog adoption story with ourdogzoey

Over the next days and weeks, it was I who became the accidental pack leader and did the training.

How I trained Zoey was almost as if I was raising another toddler.

She had to know what “no” meant. She had to be redirected. We gave her play and stimulation, but also discipline. She had to learn how to sleep. She needed unconditional love and to feel secure in her new surroundings.

As time passed and she continued to grow, we realized we didn’t get our German Shepherd.

The first clue – her ears stayed floppy.

The second clue – she had a black-spotted tongue.

Instead, we got a German Shepherd Chow mix.  And one with LOTS of personality.

dog adoption story with ourdogzoey

We adore her. She brings us so much joy; she is smart and also has her funny, little quirks.

(She also snores. Loudly.)

And really — joy is so much like that. Often, we think we know what we want. However, sometimes there is an unexpected blessing instead. Something perfect that couldn’t have been planned.

Better even.

We wanted a German Shepherd. But the results were better. Zoey is a mix of the best as far as we are concerned. Not what we wanted, but what we needed.

God doesn’t just want to help us get through the big things in life, He loves us more than that. As any good Father, He loves to surprise His kids with unexpected blessings.

And every day reminds us how much God cared so much for our family to bring us Zoey.

dog adoption story with ourdogzoey

Zoey has her own Instagram account!  If you want to follow her antics, you can find her at OurDogZoey. 

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  1. We live in an apartment and dont have a dog .But we have four goldfidhes and fifty sparrows visiting our balcony every day.Zoey looks adorable

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