What People Love About Austin Texas – BATS!

When I married my husband and moved to Austin, I learned it was a city of quirks.

It’s moniker?  Keep Austin Weird.

Yeah, baby!

And what could be weirder than having a famous colony of Mexican Free-Tailed bats that create a spectacular show at dusk as they pour out from underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge.


When friends come to Austin, it’s one of the things you must do besides eat fabulous barbeque.

And listen to live music in the Live Music Capital of the World.

See?  Austin is so cool we get more than one tagline.

Because Austin loves to entertain, they created Bat Fest to celebrate the bat weirdness. There is even a website devoted to the bats.

Really. We’re serious about keeping Austin weird.

Watching the bats is a cool thing. If you visit Austin (or even live here), you have to experience it at least once. To get educated with Bat Watching 101, read about it on the Visit Austin website.  

More Bat Facts: 

You can call us batty here in Austin, but we’re proud of it.

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  1. I confess, bats scare me! I came upon a sick one in the forest a couple years ago. My friends were off hiking further ahead and I sat on a fallen branch, sketching and it was all out of sorts… I've heard if they come out during the day and fly erratically it isn't a good sign.I have wanted to visit Austin though! Weirdness rules! (As if you can't tell from my post about listening like a tree listens! LOLOL)With Love,Julie JShttp://creativelifemidwife.com/2020/04/listenlikeatree/

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