This App Pays the Most Money Back on My Groceries!

Many of us moms use couponing to save what we can on our weekly grocery bill. Because I have two hungry teenage boys, I will deliberately set aside time planning my grocery trips. I look at ads and matching what coupons I can for items we need, or what I can add to the pantry that will keep these guys fed. And like you, I will clip coupons from the Sunday paper inserts and visit websites such as to print coupons. 

However, there aren’t coupons for everything (produce is a good example). Or — I don’t have the time for couponing. Life is hectic.
If you haven’t yet tried Ibotta, download this app ASAP. Ibotta gives cashback on many grocery items at the most popular grocery stores, including Target, Whole Foods, and even gas stations. Ibotta is extremely helpful because they offer rebates on items and brands that we use every day — not obscure or expensive products. Savings can quickly accumulate when used regularly.
Using coupons in addition to the app can help you save even more. There may be a rebate of $.50 on a specific brand of cereal, and if you have a coupon for the item to use at the store, you get additional savings. There have been times when a good coupon and a rebate hit at the same time that allows me to get an item free or almost free.*
Download the app and try it. There are many grocery saving apps out there that are also pretty good. Still, I think Ibotta is the easiest and the most used savings app I currently have on my smartphone.
If you use my link for Ibotta, you will receive FREE a $10 bonus when you redeem your first rebate!
*Savings change weekly, and receipts need to be submitted when the offer is active. See the website for details.

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