Book Review: "Cleaning House" by Kay Wills Wyma

Kay Wills Wyma gives her account of a one-year experiment that developed after seeing an environment of entitlement with her children. She dove into her experiment wholeheartedly (and with a little bit of trepidation) because she wanted to do what was best for her family.

Entitlement with kids today is a hot topic of many conversations, but Kay’s book reveals that she was someone who didn’t just talk about it — she actually did something about it!   Moms want to make life easier for our kids, but we don’t realize that by doing so much for them, we are actually harming them. This one-year experiment was to show her kids what “real life” was really like.

This book is her journey of teaching her two preteens and two teenagers the facts of life: laundry, cooking, cleaning, hospitality, charity work and so much more, choosing a new project to learn each month of the year.  She shares the successes and the things that didn’t quite work out as she hoped, all the while giving honest commentary of what she was learning as she went through the process.

While I had already put into practice some of the things that Kay herself implemented, I did select many more ideas that I plan to incorporate. With summer vacation just starting for us, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some “summer school” that will get my boys more prepared for life!


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