Book Review: "You Were Born for This" by Bruce Wilkinson

Many people ask:

“Do miracles really happen?”
“How can I be a part of today’s miracles?”
“Should I just continue doing good deeds on my own?”

I enjoy doing things for others, and I always want to make things happen that will have an eternal impact. But miracles? I wasn’t sure if true miracles happened today.

After the first chapter of You Were Born for This, I was hooked and wanted to know more about miracles that are occurring today. Wilkinson explains with great narratives that we should always expect miracles! We were born to do God’s work by God’s power, we can do things that will have a heavenly impact.  As I read, I was impacted by the fact that so many things could be passing us by that could be God’s nudging toward helping Him make a miracle!

Wilkinson’s stories of real events of miracles show how easily we can be a part of God’s miracles for others.  I highly recommend that you get this book for your library and read it more than once!

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