Book Review: "Secrets of the Vine for Women" by Darlene Wilkinson

The book may be small in size, but it has a big message!  

The author, Darlene Wilkinson, is the wife of author Bruce Wilkinson, who wrote the first Secrets of the Vine book. Darlene takes the premise of his book further in Secrets of the Vine for Women, by associating many of the teachings directly to a woman’s heart.   

In John 15 of the Bible, Jesus teaches the principle of how he is the vine, and we (his followers) are the branches. But what exactly was Jesus trying to explain by this example? 

If Jesus’ teachings is hard to understand, it will become clearer as you read the author’s story of the vinedresser and his daughter, and how the vinedresser was able to make his vineyard prosper. Through her story, we learn about how God is our Vinedresser, Jesus the Vine itself and how God is disciplining, pruning, and abiding in us as the branches.  

A study guide for each chapter is included in the back of the book, which makes it great for personal study, or in a group.

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